High-throughput in situ hybridization analysis of gene expression in Hydra

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We are funded by the NIH to carry out in situ hybridization analysis of expression of ~1500 Hydra genes.

We are using the BioLane HTI instrument to carry out the in situ hybridizations.

Examples of Hydra whole-mount in situ hybrdizations

  • Gallery of whole mount in situ hybridization results from experiments performed by students in the 2008 developmental biology laboratory course at Elizabethtown College. The course is taught by Dr. Diane Bridge. In situ hybridizations with HTK7 (the Hydra orthologue of the vertebrate insulin receptor) were performed by Gretchen Geiger, Rebecca Holler, Ryan McDonald, and Michael Torre. In situ hybridizations with Mef2 (a MADS box gene) were performed by Jessalyn Donnelly, Erin Doyle, Katherine Meade, and Janet Richards.

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